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Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid

Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid

The Seattle Times, November 1996:

floid“Solkatz Pretty Boy Floid, a triple genetic anomaly, is born in Bremerton, Washington. One of a litter of six Maine coon kittens, Floid was thought to be a female because his color, dilute calico (blue, cream and white), occurs 99-point-many-more-9s percent of the time on females. Floid’s second surprise occurred when his breeders noticed that the cream portions of his coat were actually red. The chances of red, a nondilute color, finding its way into a blue coat, a dilute color, are 99-point-even-more-9s against. Seeing as how he was on a roll, Floid decided to go for the hat trick and be fertile, a condition found about point-37-zeroes-in-front-of-1 percent of the time in tricolored male cats.
For those budding geneticists in the audience, Floid is what is known as a chimaera. A chimaera results from a fusion of two fertilized eggs early in the embryonic stage, so Floid is actually two cats rolled into one. Budding classicists in the audience should know that a Chimaera [uppercase C intentional] is a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology who has the head of lion, the body of a goat, the tail of a serpent and the voice of Rosie O’Donnell.”

In 1998, Floid had already 27 kittens on his name, among which some champions. Since he stood at stud for a couple more years, he undoubtably has some more kits!
The colors of Floid’s kittens suggested that their father was a red-with-white tom. Apparently his testicles were made by the red kitten, and there were no germ cells from the blue kitten. Remarkably, Floid never got a kitten with a diluted color: Floid showed dilution in his coat, but not in his sperm!
Floid has been extensively investigated, with the conclusion that he is, indeed, a chimaera.

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