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CAT SEASON NOW ON – Democrat and Chronicle, 6th November, 1903

Business is Booming in the Feline World and the Dealers Are Happy.

From the New York Commercial Advertiser. The cat season has opened. Cool weather and the return of the plutocrats to town have sharpened the demand. Fancy stock of the feline family is bringing high prices, and the fad of keeping Angoras, which is comparatively new in this country, has grown to such an extent that the demand exceeds the supply. Angora or Persian cats range in price from $10 to $70, although occasionally a pure white specimen has been known to bring $500. English cats are better bred than the ones In this country, and many London Angora cats bring as high as £100.

Angora cats were probably brought to this country more than one hundred years ago by old sea captains on vessels trading with the Eastern countries. The coast of Maine was then their home port. Most of the cats sold now in the market come from Maine or the New England states, although a few fancy stock are still imported from Germany. The Angora was originally pure white, with a long, bushy tail, with hair coming from the smooth ears and from between the toes, and with very long whiskers. Most of these white cats have beautiful blue eyes, but like all animals with these two characteristics a large percentage are deaf. The Angora in this country may be found with all the colors of the common cat – buff, black, white, red, yellow and mixed.

The white Angora is very delicate. Therefore It has been crossed and recrossed with the common cat to make it hardier. Among the farmers in Maine that make a business of breeding these cats the idea is prevalent that the animal is a cross between a coon and the common back-yard-fence variety; consequently they are named “coon cats.”

Farther west than Chicago the Angora cat is more or less of a novelty. Last year a man bought a white Angora in this city for $25, said a local dealer, and took It home with him to San Francisco. It was so admired and he was so continually pestered to sell that he parted with it this spring for $500, and when he was here lately he purchased another.

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Another little nugget about the Maine Coon (mixed up with the Angora in the report).
Sarah Hartwell
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